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This week in sports

By Aaron Oda
Staff Writer

This week in sports we will cover many of the organizations that get overlooked during the hectic fall season. There was  plenty to be excited for, especially the return of a ferocious golfer.



The NBA just announced its All-Star rosters for its upcoming game in February.  This year’s teams were selected by a combination of a fan vote as well as coaches and players.  What is new to the game this year is that the teams were selected by Lebron James and Stephen Curry, not divided by conference.  James’s team had the first pick in this “All-star draft” and selected Curry’s teammate Kevin Durant with the first pick. Curry countered with Giannis Antetokounmpo.  The new combinations of superstars will hopefully bring more excitement and competition to the All-star game, which is normally just a boring old pick up game.  Also the NBA raised its stakes for the players involved, making the winning teams prize 100,000 dollars and the losing team only earning a meer 25,000 dollars.  



This week also showcased some of the best athletes in Tennis in its grand slam tournament of the season.  Caroline Wozniacki won the women’s bracket while Roger Federer won the men’s bracket.  Wozniacki, has become the worlds number one ranked women’s tennis player after her first grand slam win.  She has struggled with injuries in recent years and has fell as low as the 74th ranked player, but has rebounded of late.  Federer on the other hand also set some personal records this weekend with his win in Australia.  This was Federer’s 20th grand slam win, which is the most by any man with the next person having 16.  With another signature win at the age of 36, he is widely considered to be one of the best male tennis players of all time.



It’s safe to say that Tiger Woods is back.  For the first time in over two years, Woods completed a full golf tournament playing into and through the weekend.  He completed 72 holes shooting three under par, which was tied for 23rd place with the winner shooting 10 under par.  He was said to have played the entire four rounds of golf pain free, which is a good sign because of his constant back pain that has plagued his on the course issues.  The overall showing of his game was an extremely optimistic for Woods who has been the center of all kinds of extracurricular drama off the course, with a DUI arrest in August being his latest problem.  With golf’s first major, Tiger looks to be a contender for the masters in April.    



One of the special stories so far in the NHL is that of the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  What makes this team so special is that they are the NHL’s newest team                                                                               and the they already find themselves in first place with 68 points.  The second place team trails the Golden Knights by nine points, which is about four games or so.  This team has been so successful because of the play of their goalie Marc-Andre Fleury who has found some mojo in Las Vegas.  They have also received some great play from their defense allowing them to stay within striking distance for a lot of games this season.  Until next week, K DEN.


“Wherever you find people that want to change everything or nothing you will find trouble” –Joe Moore



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