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This week in sports

By Aaron Oda
Staff Writer


As we wrap up the season, we have to give a final shout out to those teams who are in the cellar and hope to be on the up and up. First, the Memphis Grizzlies have lost 18 games in a row but still have a long road ahead if they want the title of worst team in NBA history, which belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers and their 28 loss streak in 2014-2015. Another Western Conference team worth mentioning is the Los Angeles Lakers. With a very small chance of getting into the playoffs, this will probably be the last time we talk about them and their star rookie Lonzo Ball. He has been injured for a couple parts of the season but in the last 10 games he has been playing well, averaging 11.8 points, 6.4 assists, and 5.8 rebounds per game. This return in production from Lonzo has led also led them to win seven of the last 10 games.



Once again, this week was all about Tiger Woods. Woods was able to best last weeks performance to come in tied for second place in the Valspar Championship. Woods finished the weekend with a score of nine under par as well as grabbing the biggest television audience for a golf tournament other than the Masters since 2013. I can tell you right now that Woods will be on top of his game soon and will be looking to return to glory.



Major League Baseball teams are about halfway through their Spring Training schedules. Spring Training is not the best way to judge a team based on their record because many teams are not playing their star players the whole time.

Some familiar teams are at the top of the standings. In the Grapefruit League, the defending World Series Champion Houston Astros are in first place with a record of 12-5. In the Cactus League, the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs are in first place with a record of 11-4. The Milwaukee Brewers and Cleveland Indians are also enjoying good starts in the Cactus League, as both teams look to build off the success they had last season. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is Thursday, March 29, the earliest start for games. On this day all 30 teams will also be playing for the first time since 1968.



It is here. The bracket is out and let the madness begin, specifically on Thursday with certain teams having to have a play in game on Tuesday or Wednesday. With upsets happening on the regular and teams you have never heard of taking the spotlight, a perfect bracket is extremely hard to come by. Good luck to all of you who filled out brackets and I hope it survives the opening weekend of the madness. Here are my quick picks for the tournament: in my final four are Florida, Kansas, Michigan and Kentucky, with Michigan and Kansas in the finals. I am picking the Kansas Jayhawks to win it all by the score of 82-78.

Ohh brah have you ever noticed quote of the week:

“Our interest should be in the future because that’s where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.” — Joe Moore



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