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This week in sports

By Aarod Oda
Staff Writer



The chase for the Larry O’Brien trophy has officially begun. The Portland Trail Blazers unfortunately lost the first game of a seven game series to the New Orleans Pelicans by a score of 97-95. It was a terrible night for the two scoring guards, CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard, but don’t expect them to have two bad games in a row. Lillard shot six for 23 scoring 18 points, while McCollum shot seven for 18 scoring 19 points.

Another series that has the potential for some solid entertainment is the Indiana Pacers versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers also lost game one by a score of 98-80, due in large part to guard Victor Oladipo, who scored 32 points shooting six of nine from three point land. It broke Lebron James 21 straight victories in the first round, which shows why he is the true king of basketball. To put that into perspective, James has not lost in the first round in the last five years. This one loss should be a blimp on the radar in the overall series, but does make us wonder: will the King continue his long playoff run or is he about to be forced off the throne?



This week in the MLB, a lot of games have been getting cancelled due to weather. There have been a total of 24 games cancelled in a 19 game season. There was a game cancelled today in Toronto because of icicle fall damage to the dome of the Rogers Center, the home of the Toronto Blue Jays who were supposed to play the Kansas City Royals. They will play a doubleheader tomorrow making up a game due to a punctured roof. The city of Minneapolis had snow fall that reached 11.1 inches on Saturday, which ranked second best for the month in April, trailing the 13.6 inches that fell in 1983. It was also the first “blizzard” to hit Minneapolis since 2005. That cancelled three of four games in the series between the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox, getting in only one game in on Wednesday. But lucky for them they have a two game series coming up in the prime baseball weather of 75 degrees in Puerto Rico as the MLB tries to spread the game of baseball all over the world, previously hosting games in Japan, Cuba and Australia. Also, shout out to Professor Witkow who took a group of us to Minnesota this weekend to experience 11.1 inches of snow.



With all this cold weather you would think its the NFL regular season already, but it is actually the start of off season conditioning. Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick look to make their return to an NFL roster this season. Manziel was able to utilize the NFL’s spring league and log in a handful of games the past couple weeks. No teams have seen to be interested yet in either quarterback so far but it is still pretty early in the long NFL off season. Also, the NFL draft starts Thursday and everyone is wondering who the Cleveland Browns will pick. Until next week, K DEN.

Ohh brah have you ever noticed quote of the week:

“Few people really believe. Most only believe they believe, or make believe.” — Joe Moore



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