Why you should read young adult novels

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Madelyn Jones
Staff Writer

Young adult (YA) fiction is a genre that is highly contested among the readers of the world. There seem to be as many people who love and avidly read it as those who will speak out against it any chance they get. I have noticed that college students are especially turned away from a book when it is labeled as YA.

There are many negative stereotypes surrounding these novels, like continuously falling into tropes and flat romances. While I am not saying there are not many YA books out there that are like this, there are others that are a worthwhile read. If you are willing to spend the time looking for these books, they could richly add to your entertainment and portfolio of completed books. However, they are often overlooked and there are amazing YA books that are not cracked open by college students because they see the whole genre as not worth their time.

I find good YA books by picking out the people in my life who I trust to give a good recommendation and by finding authors that are suggested by the ones I have already read and love.

I think that college students who love to read could actually take advantage of this genre to supplement and enliven their reading lives. College is a demanding segment of life where a lot is asked of people both socially and academically. The amount of work and readings assigned often take up so much time that people who used to read for fun no longer have the time or energy.

I have noticed that I read less because I exert so much brainpower during my classes and homework. However, I have found it is easier to read YA books while in school than other books.

Since the targeted demographic for YA audiences is teens, the novels tend to be quicker-paced and action-packed. They tend to be fun and easy reads that do not require you to exert tons of brainpower, but are purely entertainment. There are many YA books that still have beautiful and rich prose while being more easily digestible than what you’d find outside the genre.

YA novels also deal with a variety of topics, and not many topics are off limits in the genre since the intended audience is at least somewhat mature. It is just as easy to find a light-hearted, fun read as it is to find a novel that deals with serious subject matter.

I have always enjoyed well done YA novels for how easily they can transport you into a whole new world without too much effort on my part. Some suggestions I have are “I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak, “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell and “Beauty Queens” by Libba Bray.

All the books I have mentioned above are diverse and have stuck with me in one way or another.

If you have discovered that college makes it hard to read as much as you used to, consider trying to find a quick, fun young adult read.



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