WU community prepares for 19th annual Wula

Apr 27th, 2017 | By | Category: 2016-2017, News

By Eli Kerry
Staff Writer

Willamette’s 19th annual Wulapalooza festival will take place on April 29 this year. Affectionately referred to as ‘Wula’ by students, this Earth Day and community festival is a longstanding Willamette tradition. Each year, local businesses and student groups raise funds for various charitable organizations, as over a thousand students and community members gather for performances by local schools, performance groups and professional bands.

This year, the festival will be structured slightly differently from previous years. Activities such as games, student acts, booths, food and art will begin at noon at the Bistro and on Brown Field, but student musical acts will not start until 1 p.m. Student musical acts will continue until 5:30 p.m. At 5:30 p.m. the festival will transition to its ‘evening’ segment, which will consist mainly of concerts on Brown Field lasting until 10 p.m. This change has been made in order to avoid disturbing the campus’ neighbors and to allow festival-goers time to get back to their homes earlier.

This year’s festival headliners include indie rock band Naked Giants, hip hop artist Princess Nokia, hip hop trio Injury Reserve and indie pop group Kero Kero Bonito. Additionally, the earlier portion of the festival will feature many of the Willamette student body’s most recognizable bands and solo musicians, along with a variety of groups and performers making their debut at the festival.

As always, the festival is free for both Willamette students and community members. Attendees are advised to bring umbrellas, as the festival will continue regardless of the weather. Attendees are also advised to stay hydrated, remember to eat and take time to rest. Anyone who needs assistance or help, sees suspicious or unauthorized activities, or has questions or concerns should speak to a Wulapalooza club member — identifiable by a staff badge or safety vest — or a Campus Life member, WEMS member, SARA member, or campus safety officer. These resources are judgment-free.

Rules and regulations for Wulapalooza include: no tents or enclosed structures, no alcohol or or alcohol containers, transparent water bottles only, bags must be smaller than 18” by 12” by 6,” no smoking or vaping and no getting on or loitering behind festival stages unless performing or authorized. Student or government-issued ID is required, and all other university policies still apply.

Wulapalooza club members have been hard at work this year, with fundraising efforts including a series of Friday Mixtape and Merch Fundraisers, in order to put together an event to match the excitement of previous years. Past activities have included face and body-painting, kittens, bubbles, cotton candy, slip-n-slides, bike-powered smoothies, rubber duck races, DIY tie-dye and many more.



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